Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spit Bugs and Deer Repellant

There are a couple fun new Garden Articles on one of the Shelton Land & Homes, LLC websites. We put lots of Garden articles on this particular website, but this week it is so much fun.  One article is about spit bugs, and the other about deer repellents. Check the articles out here. You will see a list of garden articles, and spit bugs and deer repellents are at the top. The latest articles are always found on top.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tent Caterpillars

We've got Garden Articles for Western WA on another website for Shelton Land & Homes, LLC. This article caught my attention today, because there was a caterpillar that looked a little bit like this one crawling up my house along side the front door.  Here is the article:

Tent Caterpillars Rarely Kill Trees
Tent caterpillar infestations are being reported throughout our coastal area. They are easy to notice with their unsightly tents and defoliation of deciduous trees. These notorious caterpillars attack a wide variety of plants including alder, apple, ash, birch, cherry, cottonwood, willow, fruit trees, and roses. During heavy infestations the caterpillars will migrate and feed on many other plants.
Early in their development, tent caterpillars tend to eat all of the leaves on one branch before moving on to the next. Later, they split into smaller groups and attack several branches. A single tent may result in 20% defoliation of a small tree.(read more here.)

Monday, June 4, 2012


The office building for Shelton Land and Homes is getting a face lift. The decks needed some work, and after the repairs they got a coat of this stuff that's used on docks and around pools to prevent slipping. I like the color that was used.  However, there is a problem. The rain came before the stuff was perfectly dry, and so if you come to the office today you'll see warnings to stay off the "wet paint."  They didn't know the stuff was still wet this morning until I walked through it and lest footprints!  Why did it have to be me that did this? Before the rain, others had walked in with no problem, but it rained enough before I arrived to make a difference, and I left tracks.

The exterior of the building is getting cleaned up, too. We have hopes for a new fence in our future. That's the thing about being one of the oldest Independent Real Estate offices in Shelton. Our poor old building reflects our age!  We are still working on the inside, helping people buy and sell their homes and land.
Shelton Land & Homes, LLC