Monday, May 4, 2015

Real Estate Survivors

The designated broker in our office does a Market Report each month for the previous month on the 13 counties included in the NWMLS.  I just realized that the market is truly showing signs of turning around. Each posting of the Market Report is showing an increase in sales over the previous year's sales. This is very encouraging.  But what I am thinking about today is the tenacity of those real estate professionals who have managed to hang on in their profession since the market took that terrible down turn back in 2007, 2008. I am realizing what incredible survivors we have been.

The real estate world has changed dramatically, and agents, now all of us called "brokers" in Washington State, have had to be continual learners over the years. This need to be a continual learner is not going to cease either. New technology keeps us on our toes, as do all the changes that the lenders keep making. Sometimes it is hard to keep up, but we do. I am proud of us as a group of professionals who can survive the hard times, and therefore are even better at their profession today as the market revives.

The latest Market Report is not quite out yet, but will be soon. To follow these reports go HERE, where the reports are filed as blog posts.