Monday, May 13, 2013

Short Sale in Shelton

So, I am doing a Short Sale in Shelton WA.  Doing short sales was not something I went looking for, that is for sure.  Working with a bank and all their fussy procedures is not my idea of a fun project.  However, with the support of my designated broker, and taking things one step at a time, here I am -- working with a short sale.  So far the person from the bank that was assigned to the case has been very helpful.  The price is very good at $85,000, a lot less than what the seller paid for it. 

The house on Dearborn Avenue in Shelton is a real charmer.  The seller was only able to live in it for one year when life took one of those turns that can happen to anyone, and now she needs to sell the house.  She has given the interior a fresh coat of paint, and the house has hardwood floors.  It really looks good and whoever buys it will be able to move in right away. 

The house also has a large two car garage, and the garage has this extra room attached to it where someone could do hobbies, turn it into a work shop, or whatever caught their fancy.  The house is located on a corner lot and is fully fenced.  It is being sold "as is" because the owner just won't be able to do anything more with it, but all it needs right now as best we can tell is to replace the front window.  The window was broken some time after the owner moved out.  The MLS # is 482296.  You can also go to the QR code below to see more.  (Yes, I've now learned how to make these wonderful QR codes!)