Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Salt Waterfront with Cabin

Don't you just love it, if you are a real estate professional, when you get a listing that gets a lot of attention?  I've got one of those now.  (NWMLS# 588982)  It is cabin located on the sound, across from Harstene Island.  Here is a picture of the view:

The reason this one is getting lots of attention is that the sellers have it priced at $249,900, and are offering a commission of 7%.  It also helps that this is a low bank waterfront property.  Those high bank properties are not much fun.  While the Tidelands are not included, because they make too much money for the present owners, a new owner could still harvest clams and oysters from the beach close at hand.  I think I would enjoy watching all the activity in the Sound, as ships and boats go by.  The cabin is not much too look at from the outside, but is quite nice inside.  It is a one bedroom.  The living area is open to the kitchen.  What surprised me were the cabinets as I went in the entry door at the back of the cabin.  Lots of cabinets!  And a laundry area.  Here are some more pictures: