Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hurrumph!  I am so disappointed.  Recently I posted about a new APP we had for our IDX search.  I loved that APP, but now it's gone!  We use IDX Broker for our IDX service, and I like them, but when we upgraded so all our IDX search pages would be mobile friendly, they decided we no longer needed a mobile APP.  This makes no sense to me, because how are people supposed to get to the IDX pages without the APP on their phones? I've done a lot of complaining to them about it.

Now I'm wondering if I can learn how to make a mobile APP.   I notice there are programs out there for making mobile APPs, but so far I am too early in the learning curve to know how to approach this new venture. 

We've been fooling around with John Borgert's website,, to see if we can make it even more user friendly.  The focus is on providing easy and quick searches for people.  Once you do a search, the new IDX format does make everything fit in the window of whatever you are using -- smart phone, iPad, desk top.  So that's good.

You can do a search right now, if you'd like to do one. Just try John's website.

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